Gratings, Inc. is setup as a corporation with headquarters at 2700 B Broadbent Pkwy., NE, Albuqueruqe, NM, USA. Gratings has developed advanced solar cell technologies through funding from Sandia Nationa Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National laboratory, NSF,

DoD, and DOE. Gratings focus is on optical confinemnet through three-dimensional texturing in thin-film Si solar cells and application of water-less manufacturing methods in sola manufacturing. Gratings has numerous publications, six awarded patents, and several pending; all related to solar cells.


We rely on the diverse expertise of our people, their ethusiasm, their talent, and their commitment to maintain and build on the success of our business. See their complete profile here.


Implement cottage industry (CI) approach to crystalline Si photovoltaics (PV) technology at the village level through education, technology simplification, and advanced research.


Energy use defines a society’s level of intellectual and physical development. The photovoltaic cottage industry (PV-CI) approach aims to bridge the energy gap between advanced and under-developed countries. The PV-CI approach is based on three assumptions: (a) its inherent simplicity, (b) its adaptability to educational, economical, environmental, and cultural levels of a society, and (c) its employment-intensive nature.


The PV-CI implementation is achieved by following the steps outlined below:

  • Simplification of process and tooling requirements without sacrificing performance,
  • Distributed manufacturing centers to foster energy generation at the point of need,
  • Creation of professional PV education/technology development centers.