Designed on a foundation of high-resolution 2D, 3D and 4D imaging, GRAUSM002 3D/4D Ultrasound System equipped with revolutionary new technologies
including Color STIC and Inversion 3D.





These new interactive tools allow more information to be reviewed in a

shorter amount of time with greater accuracy. The advanced ergonomic design of the GRAUSM002 offers a high-resolution flat panel monitor with articulated arm to maximize comfort and efficiency when scanning.




Premium Functionality

- Dynamic MR / Dynamic MR Plus is designed to enrich gray-scale resolution, as it enhances detection and contrast resolution while also decreasing speckle echoes. This is particularly useful when evaluating superficial structures, including thyroid, vessels, pelvic and abdominal anatomy.

- Panoramic Imaging
Panoramic Imaging allows you to examine extended scans as a single image by automatically displaying an extended field-of view. Panoramic Imaging also supports angular scanning from convex and linear probe data acquisition.

HD Volume Imaging (HDVI) gives outstanding image quality and naturally clearer contrast, with excellent tissue differentiation, edge depiction and speckle reduction, allowing consistent diagnoses with great confidence. It shows clearer images of subtle lesions, using multi slice image as well as C-plane.


- ElastoScan
ElastoScan  translates stiff & soft tissue information into gray scale image. This technology defines the alteration of the stiffness in tissue state more accurately, making it easier for the user to utilize the information in the image.


Optimized Clinical Workflow
Premium Design Features
- 19-inch High-resolution, a flat screen monitor
- 360° articulated monitor arm
- Ergonomic control panel
- Backlit keyboard
- Low fan noise/ Low Heat

Optimal Workflow and Post- Analysis Tools

- QuickScan™
- Fully customizable userkeys
- Re-assign measurement touch screen button
- Post Analysis functions