Gratings has participated in exhibits and presented papers at IEEE PVSC conferences, has also developed PV educational kits and demo programs for PV applications.

Details events asre as follows:

Gratings, Inc. has made a presentation to Central New Mexico University Curriculum board to develop a photovoltaic technology degree diploma and degree program (www.cnm.edu)
Gratings, Inc. is also making a presentation on Dec.17, 2009 to South West Poly Technic Institue to develop PV technology programs (www.sipi.edu).
Gratings, Inc. is working with the University of New Mexico's Center for High Technology Materials to develop low-cost GaAs/Si solar cells

Gratings, Inc. is also working with the Sandia National Laboratories to develop thin-film solar cells on flexible substrates

Gratings, Inc. has been approached by a Solar Cell company to develop bifacial Si solar cells and modules.